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Mami, vreau sa merg la concertul Bon Jovi, mi-a zis Tudor acum ceva luni.

Ce stii despre muzica lui Bon Jovi? l-am intrebat.

?! Nimic.

– Pai atunci de ce vrei sa te duci? La concert mergi cand esti fan, in primul rand. Ia cauta tu piesele, asculta-le si mai vorbim dupa… De fapt, cred ca ati putea incerca sa va obtineti biletele implicandu-va un pic. Sunt concursuri online, avand ca premii invitatii sau bilete la concert. Ati putea participa amandoi, incercand sa va castigati locul… 😉

Asa ca s-au jucat putin, scriind cate un scurt text in engleza, avand ca titlu piesa It’s my life. Continutul era la alegerea fiecaruia, dar, conform cerintei, aveau sa fie folosite in text cel putin zece titluri de piese din repertoriul Bon Jovi.
Desi Radu nu era mare amator de concert, a acceptat si el provocarea. Dincolo de eventualele greseli gramaticale sau de exprimare, am zambit – faceam, impreuna, inca un pas pe drumul cunoasterii.


I Always Imagine myself to be the best. Everyday, people ask me Who I am and I always say: I am the King of the Mountain!
Someday, I want to take the Mystery Train to the River of Love and never say goodbye to it. Someday might be tonight. It’s my Life and, for the Next 100 Years, I want to Have a Nice Day and to be covered by the Blaze of Glory.

Sunt cuvintele unui adolescent-copil.

The thing that most matters in life is love, that Mystery Train which steals your sanity and takes over your mind, leaving you Misunderstood Everyday. It’s overpowering, it’s intense, and it strikes when you expect the least… You consider yourself King of the Mountain, king of any mountain. I could give 100 Reasons why Love is one Ballad of Youth and every Ordinary people should bath in the River of Love at least once in their lifetime.

And I, yes, I’ve Always been In & Out of Love. The Interlude of my life has been like any other’s. But These Days everything’s different. It started several years ago, in the prologue of teenage, when nobody should be Without Love. Little childish love stories come and go, and so it was for me. The turning point was the beginning of high school. It started as a great romance, which I Believe(d) it would last for the Next 100 Years, but it turned out I was terribly wrong. It was a Crazy Love, but The Fire Inside burnt too fast and too soon. I managed to get past that Edge of a Broken Heart and in a short while the Bells of Freedom rang again. Yet I didn’t like it that way… Thus, One Wild Night, one Silent Night, I found Sympathy for another girl and shortly after I fell in love with her.

A story that goes on even today…

Sunt cuvintele unui adolescent-barbat.


Eu nu pot asterne acum cuvinte despre viata mea, dar o pot simti altfel…


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